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SC 45B

Radiation protection instrumentation

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WG 14 Convenor & Members

Title & Task

WG 14

Passive integrating dosimetry systems for monitoring of external radiation


To prepare standards on passive integrating dosimetry systems, using electronic devices (e.g. readers) for the determination of dose, for monitoring external radiation. Measuring techniques such as TLD, OSL, RPL, DIS, and other techniques are covered by this working group. Environmental and whole body personal monitoring for photon and beta radiation are the main topics of this working group.
An essential characteristic of a dosimetry system is that it consists of dosemeters, readers and all associated equipment and procedures used for assessing the evaluated dose values. This is usually achieved by means of computer programs controlling the surrounding hardware and performing the necessary calculations.
A close liaison with ISO TC85/SC2/WG19 is desirable and ISO will be informed on any new projects.
Accreditation of dosimetry services is beyond the scope of this working group.