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TC 42

High-voltage and high-current test techniques

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MT 12 Convenor & Members


Mr Anders Bergman
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Mr Georg BraunerAT
Mr Claudio CherbaucichIT
Mr Artem FilatovRU
Mr Yutaka GodaJP
Mr Jari HällströmFI
Mr Rüdiger HolleDE
Mr Kjell KorhonenSE
Mr min leiCN
Mr Andrei MarinescuRO
Mr Iñaki OrueES
Mr Peter RyanAU
Mr Heribert SchornDE

Title & Task

MT 12

IEC 62475, High current test techniques: Definitions and requirements for high current measurements


To collect the relevant tests and make one horizontal standard for High Current test techniques. The new standard should deal with at a minimum, high alternating current tests, impulse current tests of exponential or rectangular shape and lightning impulse current tests.