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SC 36A

Insulated bushings

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JMT 5 Convenor & Members


Mr Lars Y Jonsson
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Mr Alain ArnaudFR
Mr Frank BusseDE
Mr Paolo CardanoIT
Mr Carlo CarolloIT
Mr David EmilssonSE
Mr Dan GustavssonSE
Mr Bart HensBE
Mr Hiroyuki KatsukawaJP
Mr Reiner KrumpDE
Mr Urs KrüsiCH
Mr Jean-Louis MeyerFR
Ms Yamin PANCN
Mr Olivier PiochFR
Mr Jean-Christophe RiboudFR
Mr Uwe RimmeleDE
Mr Giovanni RonchiBR
Mr Andrey A. ShornikovRU
Mr Alexander Z. SlavinskiyRU
Mr Tobias StirlDE
Mr Giovanni TestinIT
Mr Vladimir N. UstinovRU
Mr Aurélien VrardFR
Mr Makoto YamaguchiJP
Mr J.N. YareGB

Title & Task


Maintenance Team for revision of IEC 62199 Bushings for DC application and IEC 60137 Bushings above 1kV.


Revision of the standard IEC 62199 ed 1 on a dual logo procedure with IEC/IEEE, with a particular attention to keep the cross references to other IEC documents.
Revision of the standard IEC 60137 with review of the contents and extension of tables to cover the new UHV voltage classes according to IEC60071-1.