International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 27

Industrial electroheating and electromagnetic processing

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MT 24 Convenor & Members


Mr Klaus Schüring
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Mr Stefan DappenDE
Mr Huashan GeCN
Mr Ketil HornæsNO
Mr yuming JiangCN
Mr qingnian MaCN
Mr Wojciech RusakiewiczPL
Mr Alan D SherrillUS
Mr xingfa ZhuCN

Title & Task

MT 24

Maintenance of IEC 60519-3, IEC 60519-11, IEC 61922 and IEC 62076


Task :
To maintain:
- IEC 60519-3: Safety in electroheat installations - Part 3: Particular requirements for induction and conduction heating and induction melting installations;
- IEC 60519-11: Safety in electroheat installations - Part 11: Particular requirements for installations using the effect of electromagnetic forces on liquid metals;
- IEC 61922: High-frequency induction heating installations - Test methods for the determination of power output of the generator;
- IEC 62076: Industrial electroheating installations -Test methods for induction channel and induction crucible furnaces.