International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 21

Secondary cells and batteries

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JWG 82 Convenor & Members


Mr Herbert K. Giess
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Mr Richard M BendertUS
Mr Daniele CalasanzioIT
Mr Troy ChatwinUS
Mr Yongning ChiCN
Mr David CulshawGB
Mr Filippo FrugoniCH
Mr Akio FurukawaJP
Mr Yibiao GUANCN
Mr Kuniharu IIZUKAJP
Mr Takefumi InoueJP
Mr Youngpyo KimKR
Mr Larry S. MeisnerUS
Mr Jürgen MoserDE
Mr Stanley Ng'ang'aKE
Mr Rolf OldachGB
Ms Dorothy OmamoKE
Mr Akira OsadaJP
Mr Xiaomeng PENGCN
Ms Elena S. RomanenkoRU
Mr Vicente Salas MerinoES
Mr Heiko SattlerDE
Mr Peiliang SHECN
Mr Sungho ShinKR
Mr Jean-Patrick SmahaFR
Mr Charles StrebFR
Mr Wouter VancoetsemBE
Mr Vilayanur V ViswanathanUS
Mr Fubao WUCN
Mr Tsukasa YoshidaJP

Title & Task

JWG 82

TC21/TC82 - Secondary cells and batteries for Renewable Energy Storage


Revision of IEC 61427 "Secondary cells and batteries for solar photovoltaic energy systems - General requirements and methods of test".

Participation to the development of the "Battery section" of IEC/PAS 62111 on "Decentralized Rural Electrification (DRE)"