International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 21

Secondary cells and batteries

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WG 3 Convenor & Members


Mr Herbert K. Giess
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Mr Giorgio CrugnolaCH
Mr David CulshawGB
Mr Louis DennerZA
Mr Hans Werner HoppeDE
Mr Chang-Soo jinKR
Mr Gunder KarlssonSE
Mr Youngpyo KimKR
Mr Soo-Whan kimKR
Mr Friedrich KrammDE
Mr Junsoo LEEKR
Mr Renato ManzoniCH
Mr Joon-Won MinKR
Mr Zacheus MwathaKE
Mr Stanley Ng'ang'aKE
Ms Dorothy OmamoKE
Mr Akira OsadaJP
Mr Jean-Patrick SmahaFR
Mr Christer SvenssonSE
Mr Carl VicenteCA
Mr Vilayanur V ViswanathanUS
Mr Tsukasa YoshidaJP

Title & Task

WG 3

Traction and stationary batteries


To prepare a Technical Report which can be used as a reference by manufacturers for using RFID tags on secondary stationnary batteries. Only the external informations will be covered (not the internal company informations)