International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 59F

Surface cleaning appliances

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AG 2 Convenor & Members


Mr Daniel Miller
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Mr Michael AgethenDE
Mr Chris BaylissGB
Mr Diethard BeckerDE
Mr Jonas BeskowSE
Mr Lennart CarlssonSE
Mr Robert GoslingGB
Mr Gert JäckelDE
Mr Albrecht LiskowskyDE
Mr Klaus-Dieter RiehlDE
Mr Bernhard ScheurenDE
Mr Christian UllrichDE
Mr Thomas ZerrerDE

Title & Task

AG 2

Hard floor cleaning


- To re-evaluate the dry cleaning of hard floor surfaces found in modern homes, in particular at uneven surfaces which may include crevices between flooring boards and also tiled floors;

- To look at wooden and non wooden surfaces. The ongoing task will then be to evaluate the current test methods for cleaning hard floors in relation to the actual surfaces prevalent and to develop updates or replacements for these tests as necessary. In addition to decide and recommend if new tests, such as debris removal from hard floors, need to be developed