International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 88

Wind turbines

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WG 15 Convenor & Members


Mr Robert W Sherwin
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Mr Alejandro AbascalES
Mr Julián Alberdi ZaragüetaES
Mr Tomas BlodauDE
Mr Matthieu BoquetFR
Mrs Elena Cantero NouqueretES
Mr Alan DerrickGB
Mr Nicolas DietenbeckFR
Mr Ignacio Fernández DíazES
Mr Michael Jason FieldsUS
Mr Matthew V FilippelliUS
Mr Taylor GeerUS
Mr Nicolas GirardFR
Mr Marco GuarneroliIT
Mr Erik HaleUS
Mr Jay HaleyUS
Mr Brian Ohrbeck HansenDK
Mrs Lene Hellstern-KjöllerSE
Mr Mikel Illarregui AnabitarteES
Mr Takahiro IshiyamaJP
Mr Hans Peter JensenDK
Mr Youngpyo KimKR
Mr Frank KlintøDK
Mr Raghavendra Krishna MurthyFR
Mr Ignacio Laínez AracamaES
Mr Ville LehtomäkiFI
Mr Heechang LimKR
Mrs Janna LindenbergDE
Mr Malcolm MacDonaldGB
Mr José Carlos MatosPT
Mr Heinz-Theo MengelkampDE
Mr Kai MönnichDE
Mr Tim MüllerDE
Mr Michael Pram NielsenDK
Mr Yasuyuki OguroJP
Mr Daniel Ortiz ArteagaES
Ms Shona QuinnGB
Mr Oswaldo RodriguezUS
Mr Susumu ShimadaJP
Mr Sannosuke TanigakiJP
Mr Jean-Marc ThevenoudFR
Mr Alain TremblayCA
Mr Andrea VignaroliIT
Mr Richard WhitingGB
Mr Jörg WinterfeldtDE

Title & Task

WG 15

Assessment of wind resource, energy yield and site suitability input conditions for wind power plants


Develops IEC 61400-15 intending to define a framework for assessment and reporting of the wind resource, energy yield and site suitability input conditions for both onshore and offshore wind power plants. This includes:

1. Definition, measurement, and prediction of the long-term meteorological and wind flow characteristics at the site
2. Integration of the long-term meteorological and wind flow characteristics with wind turbine and balance of plant characteristics to predict net energy yield
3. Characterizing environmental extremes and other relevant plant design drivers
4. Assessing the uncertainty associated with each of these steps
5. Addressing documentation and reporting requirements to help ensure the traceability of the assessment processes

This standard is framed to complement and support the scope of related IEC 61400 series standards by defining environmental input conditions. It is not intended to supersede the design and suitability requirements presented in those standards. Specific analytical and modelling procedures as described in IEC 61400-1, 61400-2, and 61400-3 are excluded from this scope.

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