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Radio-interference measurements and statistical methods

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JWG 3 Convenor & Members


Mr Bernd Sisolefsky
Mr Manfred Stecher
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Mr Fujio AmemiyaJP
Mr Ilho ChoiKR
Mr Mart CoenenNL
Mr Katsumi FujiiJP
Mr Ichiroh HiroseJP
Ms Claudia ImposimatoIT
Mr Shinobu IshigamiJP
Mr Akira KawaguchiJP
Mr Werachet Khan-NgernTH
Mrs Nikola KiwullDE
Mr Andreas KlinkDE
Mr Thilo A. KootzDE
Mr Jens MedlerDE
Mr Thelela MvamboZA
Mr Tomoyuki OguriJP
Mr John PinkGB
Mr Masahiko SAWABEJP
Mr Dieter SchwarzbeckDE
Mr Takashi ShinozukaJP
Mr Kimihiro TAJIMAJP
Mr Masamitsu TokudaJP
Mr Yasutoshi YoshiokaJP
Mr Alessandro ZuccatoIT

Title & Task


JTFA/B: Joint Task Force between CISPR/A and CISPR/B - validation of methods for emission  measurement of GCPCs


Validation and/or confirmation of the method(s) of measurement for conducted disturbances at LV d.c. power ports of Grid Connected Power Converters in the range up to 30 MHz.
Task 1: Confirmation of normative technical parameters and RF characteristics for modern implementations of the 150 Ω artificial networks specified in CISPR 16-1-2.
Task 2: Validation/verification of the established method of measurement and methodology for conducted disturbances at LV a.c. mains ports for measurement of the disturbance voltage level at d.c. power ports, together with related MIU.
Task 3: Validation/verification of the proposed alternative method of measurement for conducted disturbances at d.c. power ports of high power semiconductor power converters with a rated power throughput > 20 kVA, together with related MIU.
Task 4: Validation/verification of interchangeable use of V- and Delta-ANs by the user of a standard with due regard of Method B used for measurements with Delta-ANs inclusive corrections for the readings obtained from the measuring receiver.