International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

SC 23B

Plugs, socket-outlets and switches

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JAHG 16 Convenor & Members


Mr Cristiano Masini
Mr Alan Prest
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Mr Christophe FrugierFR
Mr Rony HaentjensBE
Mr Petar LuzajicGB
Mr Robert T NachtriebUS
Mr Marco PeterDE
Mr Armin SollbergerCH

Title & Task


Joint ad hoc Group 16


1. For proposals concerning the compatibility between TC34 products such as lamps, luminaires and control gear and SC23B products such as switches (mechanical and electronic) it shall:
– Identify compatibility issues
– Define parameters
– Agree on the way how to proceed
– Identify documents to be modified or published
– Identify priorities of the work,
– Time schedule,
– Define the roles of the liaison members
– Distribute the work to the different working groups within each technical committee/subcommittee.
2. Follow up of the evolution of the proposals,
3. To prepare a report of activity to the correspondent TC/SC.