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Select your TC/SC

If you wish your experts to have access to IEC technical documents, your organization needs to select Technical Committees (TCs) or Subcommittes (SCs), in the fields of interest for your country. As an Affiliate participant, your country is allowed to select up to 10 TCs/SCs. This section will explain how to select the TCs/SCs.


How to select your TC/SC?


1. Consult the full list of TCs and SCs where you will find:

  • general information,
  • publications produced,
  • work programme,
  • Strategic Policy Statement (SPS) for that particular TC/SC

The Strategic Policy Statement gives key information about a Technical Committee, such as its background, its
 scope and responsibilities, its membership, its subcommittees, liaisons inside and outside the IEC. The SPS also
 describes the environment in which the TC is operating. This comprises its business environment, the market
 demand, the trends in technology and trade. Additional information is given on the TC’s ecological environment,
 work programme and future work as well as the maintenance of its publications.


2. Once you have chosen one or more TCs/SCs, please contact the Affiliate Secretariat.


3. When you receive confirmation, you will be able to nominate experts. Please go to the Experts section.


We draw your attention that the Affiliate Secretariat needs to be officially informed of any TC/SC selection.