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Nominate your experts

Any Affiliate Country has the possibility to select up to 5 or 10 TCs/SCs (depending on whether it has a National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC)). Each TC/SC Selection, however, requires the nomination of an expert who will be granted will be granted a technical login to download IEC working documents. This is intended to give the experts the opportunity to provide comments on working documents and to keep their National Electrotechnical Committee informed of any changes that might affect the use of the IEC International Standard.



How to nominate experts?


To nominate your expert(s), please download and fill in the Nomination form document and send it back to the Affiliate Secretariat.

Please note that logins are granted to individuals, not to organizations.

You may start with 1 or 2 experts and nominate more later on.



Get your login


To get your login and have more information about it, please go to the Login section.




TC/SC selection and experts nomination form (Affiliate countries with NEC)




TC/SC selection and experts nomination form (Affiliate countries without NEC)