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Cooperation Agreement between IEC and COPANT


The IEC and COPANT have agreed to cooperate in a number of areas, covering especially cross representation and exchange of technical information.


COPANT, whenever possible, will adopt directly IEC Standards as Pan American Standards and will recommend to its members to proceed in the same way with their national Standards.


This Agreement was approved by COPANT by correspondence in July 1994 and by the IEC Council in Nice on 16 September 1994.

1 Objectives

  • To ensure transparency of the standards making process and thus ultimately to facilitate world trade.
  • To promote the implementation of International Standards in the field of electrotechnology at regional level.
  • To inform non-IEC members of COPANT about IEC activities.

2 Exchange of information at Central Office / Executive Secretary level

2.1 The IEC/Central Office issues regularly to the COPANT/Executive Secretary (1 copy in English only, where not bilingual):

  • the IEC Directory,
  • the Catalogue of IEC Standards,
  • the IEC Yearbook, which covers the status of all technical projects,
  • Annual Report,
  • Council and Committee of Action Plenary: all Central Office and National Committee reference documents, plus Minutes (RM reference),
  • Advisory Committees to the Committee of Action: all Central Office reference documents,
  • 6 copies of the IEC Bulletin annually, including catalogue up-dates.

2.2 The COPANT/Executive Secretary issues regularly to the IEC/Central Office:

  • the Directory of COPANT members,
  • the COPANT Bulletin,
  • the COPANT General Technical Report (work programme of the COPANT/TCs with state of progress, target dates),
  • Resolutions of the COPANT Council and General Assembly linked to standardization and conformity assessment activities,
  • Proposals for new COPANT technical committees.

2.3 Other general information will be made available as the need arises by special agreement between the IEC/Central Office and COPANT/Executive Secretary.

3 Cooperation

When COPANT establishes a Technical Committee (TC) in the domain of activity of the IEC, it shall notify the IEC who in return will arrange for specific data of the equivalent IEC/TC to be transferred to the COPANT/TC. In return COPANT agrees to base its work on that of the IEC as far as practicable. COPANT also undertakes to convey the results of its standards harmonization activities to the IEC.

4 Cross representation

4.1 A representative of COPANT is invited to attend the annual IEC General Meeting, specifically the Council and Committee of Action Plenary meetings.


4.2 A representative of IEC is invited to attend the annual COPANT Council meeting.


4.3 Where a COPANT/TC exists in an area covered by an IEC/TC, observers are permitted in both directions, upon notification to the IEC/Central Office and COPANT/Executive Secretary.


4.4 The IEC National Committees in COPANT member countries are allowed to be represented in the COPANT General Assembly and Council.

5 Implementation of the Agreement

The IEC General Secretary and COPANT Executive Secretary are responsible for the implementation of this Agreement. Regular reports will be submitted to both Councils. It may be terminated by either party with 6 months written notice.