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IEC Lecture series I (2005)

This first series of two lectures were developed for the IEC by Donald E. Purcell, Chairman and CEO of the Center for Global Standards Analysis at the Catholic University of America.


They are aimed at providing material for lectures in universities, business and engineering schools to support curricula covering standardization and its impact on business, industry and engineering. The two lectures will help in giving a general overview of international standardization and a basic knowledge about the IEC’s activities. The IEC believes that students should understand the importance of international standardization in the context of the global market.


A CD-ROM comprising the two lectures and a copy of an IEC standard, IEC 61400-11, used in the presentations as an example of an IEC standard, is available from IEC Central Office.


International Standardization in Business, Industry, Society and Technology


Lecture 1


The Strategic Value of International Standards

Olivier Gourlay - Treasurer

Lecture 2


The International Electrotechnical Commission