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Brochure cover: IEC Future-proof utilities


Future-proof utilities

Change in the electrical industry is accelerating. The global stage that is today’s electricity sector requires a high-level understanding of large systems, their subsystems and components, including risk assessment and many other elements. The work of the IEC helps electric utilities address key business issues.

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Brochure cover: Rural electrification


Rural electrification

Electric power is the corner stone for economic development, better healthcare, increased safety, education as well as efficiency gains in agriculture and manufacturing.

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Brochure cover: IEC work for energy storage


IEC work for energy storage

IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission covers the large majority of technologies that apply to energy storage, such as pumped storage, batteries, supercapacitors and flywheels.


You will find in this brochure a selection of articles from our magazine, e-tech, on the work of IEC for energy storage.

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Brochure cover:  Lighting the way


Lighting the way

Lighting plays an important role in our everyday lives. IEC work covers the technologies and all aspects of lighting and lamps, from the very small to the very large. Flyer for the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.

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Brochure cover:  Electrical Energy Efficiency

Electrical Energy Efficiency (E3)

There is a greater global awareness to optimize energy use. This brochure looks at the IECEE E3 programme for testing and verifying Energy Efficiency for electrical/electronic equipment, based on IEC International Standards.


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Brochure cover: Electrical energy... the IEC helps keep the power on

Electrical energy... the IEC helps keep the power on

IEC International Standards cover all facets of energy generation, distribution and use. They allow millions of components, devices and systems that use or produce electricity or contain electronics to work safely with each other everywhere in the world. The IEC also administers Conformity Assessment Systems with thousands of testing laboratories that certify that components, equipment and systems meet its Standards. We help to keep the power on...


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Brochure cover:  World Smart Grid Forum 2013 Results and Recommendations


World Smart Grid Forum 2013
Results and Recommendations

This document contains conclusions and recommendations on what needs to happen to move Smart Grid projects to broad implementation. It was developed based on input and discussions held during the World Smart Grid Forum that took place in Berlin in September 2013.

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Brochure cover: Renewable Energies
Renewable Energies

This publication summarizes the international standards work carried out by TC 4, TC 82, TC 88 and TC 105 in the areas of water, sun, wind and alternative energy fuel cells while providing an overview to the Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects (ACEA).

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Energies Renouvelables


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Возобновляемые источники энергии


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Energías renovables


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Brochure cover: Efficient electrical energy transmission and distribution
Efficient electrical energy transmission and distribution

High efficiency transformers, superconducting transformers and high temperature superconductors are new technologies which promise much in terms of electrical energy efficiency.


This publication summarizes the international standards work carried out by a broad range of IEC technical committees and emphasizes future directions for this technology.

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White paper covers
IEC White Papers


IEC White Papers identify challenges and outline available technologies to address those. They include recommendations for research, regulations and policies, as well as standardization.

Topics already covered include the Energy Chain in its entirety, as well as Energy Storage and its impact on the integration of Renewable Energy sources.