International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
IEC Awards

IEC Awards


Lord Kelvin Award

The highest IEC tribute, recognizing exceptional long-term achievements


2016 KAMPET, Uwe Germany
2014 HIRAKAWA, Shuji Japan
2012 HARLESS, Friedrich Germany
2011 SCHOMBERG, Richard France
2010 DENNIS, Jerome E. United States
2010 DUMORTIER, Bernard France
2010 FREDRIKSSON, Gösta Sweden
2009 HANSON, Thomas A. United States
2009 KLAUSMEYER, Uwe Germany
2009 MORI, Koichi Japan
2008 HEIRMAN, Donald N. United States
2008 JAMESON, Scott K. United States
2007 JOHNS, Derek New Zealand
2007 MADER, Don United States
2007 SVENSSON, Per-Åke Sweden
2006 REICHELT, Wolfgang Germany
2005 NAGEL, Hans Germany
2004 BOSSI, Antonio Italy
2004 RADASKY, William A. United States
2003 ULRICHS, Otto Eberhard Germany
2002 KATAOKA, Dr. Shoei Japan
2000 GOLDBERG, Georges Switzerland
1999 IKEDA, Hiroaki Japan
1998 HOLLAND, Norman J.A. United Kingdom
1998 SHOWERS, Ralph M. United States
1997 van KORDELAAR, Robert A.M. Netherlands
1997 OTROKHOV, Vladimir N. Russia
1997 PASTEAU, Jean France
1996 NOZZA, Giovanni Italy
1996 ORTH, Karl-Ludwig Germany
1996 SANDELL, Paul France
1995 FOLCKER, Björn Sweden
1995 KELLY, Edward United States
1995 KINN, John United States