International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Annual Report 2009


Performance Report



IEC-AFSEC agreement

Claude Koutoua, President of AFSEC
(left) and Ronnie Amit, IEC General
Secretary and CEO, at the
IEC-AFSEC agreement signing


The IEC and AFSEC (African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission) agreed to cooperate in a number of areas, covering, in particular, cross representation and exchange of technical information in the fields of standardization and the development of electrotechnology. With the assistance of the IEC, AFSEC will develop and harmonize standards based on existing IEC International Standards. Where products are not covered by IEC Standards, AFSEC will work on the development of standards, ensuring they are relevant to African needs, before submitting them for consideration by the IEC. The IEC-AFSEC agreement signing ceremony took place at the IEC General Meeting in Tel Aviv in October.


Regional events


Strengthening its cooperation with all relevant African bodies, the IEC participated in several regional events. Evah Oduor, IEC Affiliate Coordinator for Africa and one of the newly-elected Vice Presidents of AFSEC, represented the IEC at the annual meeting of SADCSTAN, the Southern African Development Community Cooperation in Standardization, in April, and later in the year, she took part in the General Assembly of UPDEA, the Union of Producers, Transporters and Distributors of Electric Power in Africa. Oduor gave presentations about the participation of African countries in the Affiliate Country Programme as well as a comprehensive report on the Affiliate Programme’s overall activities and the benefits it offers to participants. One outcome of the SADCSTAN meeting was the adoption by all SADC member countries of the IEC 60335 series of standards on the safety of household and similar electrical appliances.


At the PIESA/IERE Biennal Forum, held in Mombasa, Kenya in September, IEC Marketing & Communications Director Jonathan Buck explained how International Standards are key to the development of rural electrification. The event, organized by PIESA (the Power Institute for East & Southern Africa), in association with IERE (International Electric Research Exchange), primarily focused on using appropriate technologies for accelerating and improving access to electricity in the region.